Our Environmental Initiative

Why Dinks Family

Dinks Family delivery is our customer delivery environmental initiative. We became very aware and subsequently conscious of our carbon footprint, we are forever grateful to our customers for the support they have shown our ever growing brand - we really are extremely thankful!
However with growth we became extremely conscious that we had to find a solution that enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint.

What inspired Dinks Family

We work with manufactures and supplier from around the world, our approach means we can realise our mission of supplying environmentally focused and interesting products to our customers without the confines of borders.
A. The illustration below shows locations across the globe in which we operate and source product, as you can imagine, we started to become very conscious of our carbon footprint 🤨
Visual of Dinkns global orders and delivery

We Started to Dream About Dinks Family

B.  We focused on the after event of Dinks product sourcing. Looking at the carbon footprint associated with bringing wonderful items to the UK via our head office and distribution centre. It was concerning when we then started to look at the combination of sourcing stock and then receiving orders from our wonderful customer; in turn then delivering each order across the UK, Europe, Australia and USA.


The below illustration is a snapshot of the UK alone. It was at this moment we knew we needed to innovate to try and find a delivery solution that removed the huge amount of unnecessary miles travelled. In many instances we were sourcing wonderful items from countries, bringing to the UK and then orders were coming from the exact countries we had just sourced a item from 🤯

Our moment of frustration

C.  Our ultimate moment of frustration was when a large consignment of Dinks goodies sailed into Southampton Docks (note our warehouse is literally 2 miles away from Southampton Docks) and was then driven all the way to Essex to be processed, and of-course then had to be driven via multiple stop off's back to exactly where it left - we couldn't believe it, this is where we knew we needed to innovate a change!

We Created a Solution

  We knew we had to do something to mitigate our excessive carbon footprint. It was clear to us that we needed to work with our wonderful artisan suppliers (globally). We invested a lot of time and resource (digitally of-course) speaking and planning with our supplier network. We all decided that we could take this challenge on, and quite simply the best solution was to remove the unnecessary movement of Dinks items.
To reduce our carbon footprint for the good of the planet, our children and grandchildren and their enjoyment on the wonderfully integrate rock we call home, we needed to deliver our items directly to our customers, from the source of product creation. The process literally removes hundreds upon hundreds of miles and carbon from our environmental footprint.
Dinks Family became a firm environmental initiative! Due to our wonderful suppliers and the continued support of our amazing customers from around the world we have been able to secure delivery fees of £1.99 for Dinks Family items or alternatively customers can pay a yearly fee of £12.99 for unlimited free delivery, this also means we can plant a tree for every tenth order on the website.   

The above illustration shows Dinks Family in action, our suppliers are now actively sending our items directly to customer with the granular support of Dinks Baby Decor. We work together to ensure our high standards are always adhered too so we can in-turn deliver our environmental initiative whilst continuously growing our Dinks Family range. Our customers can buy knowing that their order is contributing to protecting our planet in a small way every time a Dinks Family sale is made.  

This environmentally focused initiative enables us think about our wonderful range of items and our environmental responsibilities differently. Our Dinks Family products are lovingly curated and held directly within the facility where they are created. We work with all of our manufacturers to ensure Dinks packing and delivery expectations are held to the highest of standards.

To enable our environmental initiative we kindly & respectively ask customers for a small amount of patients, in turn we can plant trees and greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

 Dinks Family delivery can take up to six days. 

Note, on rare occasions Dinks Family items can take up to 12 days. This is unusual.

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