Nordic wooden toys, why we love them! We have zero doubts that your bundle of joy will love them also

Nordic toys are Scandinavian toys, which are mostly made of genuine-quality wood. These Nordic toys are full of whim and charm, and because they are made of wood, they can be treasured for a lifetime. They are better than the usual plastic toys, and the most significant advantage of buying Nordic toys is they are suitable for the ecosystem as well. So, you will not just be allowing your child to play with something beautiful, but you will be investing in making this world a better place too.  

Your baby is very eager to know and learn new things. They get attracted to new things. They like sound, tastes, texture, colour, and different shapes. Baby toys such as Nordic wooden toys help them see new things and learn new things as well. Take abacus as an example; it is an early education toy that is fun to play with and looks super cute.

Here are some Nordic wooden toys that we think will be best suitable for your baby to play with. 

Nordic Moon and Star Hanging Toys 

The first that we have for you is Nordic Moon and Stars Hanging toys. When you hang them on the wall, your child will fill like staring at the sky. This soothing toy is made of wood and cushion. You should always try to buy something which will be safe for your child, such as this. Also, buy products that will go with the theme of the nursery as well.

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Nordic Style Natural Wooden Abacus 

When your child plays with the Nordic Style Natural Wooden Abacus, they will retain vital information. An abacus toy is known to make memory secure. Abacus uses the motor skills of the brain, which helps in differentiating things from one another. Not just this, abacus can also help your child in doing a visual calculation; instead them perceiving them as a simple world. Our Nordic Style Natural Wooden Abacus is made of good-quality wood, which means it will be 100% nature-friendly and will be safe for the child to play with.

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Nordic Style Knit Wooden Bead Animals Hanging Ornaments

Another item that you can go for is Nordic Style Knit Wooden Bead Animals Hanging Ornament. This decorative bead is Nordic-themed and is available in multiple colours. The cute bead animals hanging ornament is yet again made of wood, and the style is pastoral. All love the quality of this Nordic toy, and children adore this gift item. You can even give it to someone who you think will like it. This can also be the perfect baby shower gift. Babies love to play with different shapes, and the more the colours, the better, and that's why this Nordic Style Knit Wooden Bead Animals Hanging Ornament becomes the ideal toy for every baby.

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Nordic Camera Wooden Decoration 

The good thing about Nordic toys is that they can be used as decoration pieces as well. Even if your child is all grown up, you can still use them as a decoration piece for your living room to style it. This is another advantage of buying Nordic toys. They are always multipurpose, and they are highly durable as well. You will notice that they remain the same for many more years to come. You will get one Nordic wooden camera with one order, but you can stack one on another, and create a stunning showpiece. Let your child play with some eco-friendly toys. 

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Nordic Style Natural Wood Beads with Bird and Elephant Decorative Garland

Gift your child a beautiful Nordic Style Natural Wood Beads with Bird and Elephant Decorative Garland, which can be hanged easily on the wall. Your child will tell you that he/she wants to play with it because it looks so adorable. This can also become the perfect decoration piece for the nursery because it looks so lovely and pleasant. The material used to make this toy is wood and fabric. This decorative garland is best suitable for a baby girl room. Go ahead and buy this, because it is safe for your child and nature. 

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Here are some reasons why people adore Nordic toys:

Nordic toys are made of wood, and they have a timeless appeal to it. Even if your child grows, you can still use the toy as a decorative item. Plus, because they are made of wood, they last long and remain the same for many years. 

Nordic toys are safe for the environment. These toys are made of wood, and wood is safe for nature. Even if they get damaged and throw them away, they will get decomposed easily, making this earth a bit less carbon-free. 

There are many options available when it comes to Nordic toys. You will get to choose from different toys, and each toy will come along with multiple colour choices option so that you get to pick the right one that suits the overall home décor. 

  1. Aides in Boosting Their IQ 

Instructive toys are designed to increment the children's education, ability, remembrance, engine aptitudes, and recognizable abilities. Children who suitably build up these aptitudes are probably going to have their IQ grow step by step. Since instructive toys are intended to be fun and charming, children can possess enough energy for point by point learning and maintenance of viable abilities. 

  1. Upgrades Development of Their Senses 

Various kinds of educational toys are connected to the advancement of senses. The most widely recognized senses that instructive toys try to create incorporate the feeling of touch, sight, and hearing. For instance, splendid toys with various hues upgrade the sensation of sight. Then again, the sense of hearing can be improved by toys delivering multiple sounds. As the children develop utilizing instructive toys, there are those sounds, materials, and hues that they will advance to adore. Along these lines, they can communicate how they feel about individual encounters. Therefore, children can have a created character and improve their relational abilities. 

  1. Upgrades the Development of Problem-Solving Skills

One of the fundamental significances of educational Nordic toys is their ability to challenge the brain of a kid. Toys, for example, the wooden abacus, urge youngsters to think as they follow a bit by bit grouping of tackling a specific issue. Various puzzles differ in difficulty. The more confused a riddle is, the more vitality, consideration, and belief is required from kids. 

Some instructive toys, such as the shut the container game, empower the kid to take care of numerical issues. As they figure out how to fathom perplexes and give scientific arrangements utilizing these toys, they can deal with genuine issues more productively. As they think about the various ways, they can illuminate the riddles, their psyches develop, and with time, they will create critical thinking aptitudes.  

  1. Upgraded Creativity 

Youngsters are brought into the world with an incredible feeling of interest. In their endeavours to comprehend nature around them, kids inquisitively investigate through the encompassing items. There is a protected encounter of imaginative play with fun instructive toys for kids, innovative planning and building, experimentation, and investigation. 

  1. Improved Emotional and Social Development

Instructive toys are useful in improvement as well as the advancement of social and enthusiastic aptitudes among kids. The more significant part of the accessible, instructive toys for kids expect children to play and cooperate with different children or grown-ups. When playing with other kids, children will experience social and enthusiastic prompts, such as outrage, giggling, and crying. Along these lines, they can comprehend and adjust to differing passionate circumstances. Utilization of instructive toys spins around exercises, such as captaincy, sharing, sitting tight for your turn, and having some good times, which are significant characteristics for the social shift of events. 

  1. Improved Concentration  

Children have an insignificant focus. They rapidly withdrew from things and individuals as well. Without the correct instruments, they will likely lose a ton in their scholastics and different exercises. This is the place instructive toys come in. They make learning fun and reasonable, and they increment a youngster's enthusiasm for learning. With these toys, children can secure new abilities while they make the most of their play. 


If you want to buy Nordic toys, look no further, and get it from Dinks today. We have the right toys for the right age. Our toys are made of high-quality material, and they are absolutely safe for the kids. Go ahead, and check our products.