Beginners Guide- How to decorate your nursery on a budget

Most of the people feel that they will have to spend a fortune when it comes to designing and decorating a beautiful nursery. However, there are a few things that you can try to decorate the nursery without spending a lot. Here in this article, we have added some simple tricks that will allow you to add decoration to the nursery, make it look livelier, and spend a lot lesser than you would expect. 


Be minimalistic 


You might feel tempted to decorate your nursery with as many items as possible, but here's a minimalist idea that works effectively as well. You can throw some cloud-like array of pillows, and use only one. Regarding bedding, stick to patterned bedding and go with the minimalistic design. It will make the room look bigger, and everything will look organized as well. 

Don't spend a lot of money on the crib


Designers cribs are available everywhere, and we understand that you would want the best for your child. However, if you don't want to end up spending, stick to the affordable options, which will make the room look brighter and better. There are many budget-friendly options available. You can browse through the internet to tale a look. Plus, you can use your artistic skills to add some nice decorations. 

Here at Dinks, we have many decoration items for the nursery. You can browse through our catalogue and choose one that best suits the baby room. You can add a few wooden hanging shelves to keep different baby toys, else go for Nordic style tassel shelf. 


Be smart and add wall stickers


In nursery décor, it is always the cuteness factor that makes you win the whole décor process. We have Nordic style tepees triangle vinyl wall sticker. You can paste them as a background for the crib, and make the room look brighter and happier. Choose a medium-size sticker so that the wall art doesn't overwhelm the room's overall look and feel. 

Add some shelves


Your baby room will have a lot of items, so it makes sense to invest on good shelves, which look like it has been designed, keeping in mind the nursery. Plus, these shelves are good for spaces where there is a storage issue. Add a few shelves, and watch the room look clean and tidy. You can keep baby toys and clothes there. If you wish, you can keep a few books there too that you will read at night to make your angel sleep. 


Create a versatile seating area


Everyone wants a seating area in the nursery as well. You know that you will have guests coming in to see your baby, and soon there will be more people gushing in. We will recommend going for a daybed, which can be converted into a seating space. Convertible sofas are the best because you can use it for multipurpose as well.  

Dresser as the changing space


Take a look at your house; there will be a few items that you can use for your nursery as well. If there is an unused dresser, which you know won't be of any more use, then use it as a changing space for your child. The drawers will help you keep all the clothes and diapers, and the countertop will allow you to use it for changing the diapers when needed. You can look for refurbish vintage furniture online, which you will use later once the baby grows up. 

Add colour with nice paints


If you want to make a statement out of your baby room, then you don't even need to buy anything. Just a bold colour will create the right statement that you wish to. We will suggest opting for subtle colours because they will go with the whole theme. However, if the room looks too dull, then you can go for a contrast colour. 

Go for vintage items 


The reason why we are asking you to go for vintage furniture is that vintage remains timeless; they can become a showpiece once you will no longer need it. Most of the furniture that you buy for the nursery will be of no use once the child grows older. However, vintage has a timeless appeal, and they become the perfect showpieces.  

Add some statement pillow 


You don't need to go all wild with the room décor; sometimes, small little details can make the difference too. Buy some throw pillows that have nice prints on them. Once the child grows up, you can always use it in the living room. So, you will be spending money now on items that you can use in the future. 

Always embrace minimalistic design  


Keep everything minimal in the nursery, and allow the child to breathe properly. Your nursery needs to have enough space to let you move from one place to another easily. Kee all the bed linens neutral, you can find statement lighting as well, such as our Nordic LED cartoon antlers. You can also add 2 or 3 frame pieces of art.




Wallpapers re cost-effective, and they are the most practical invention of all time. Wallpapers can uplift the nursery's mood in a jiffy; plus, there are a plethora of them available in the market. You need to choose something that will go with the baby's age. Better to go with peel-and-stick wallpaper, which you can remove whenever you want to. 


Incorporate the rest of the home décor


The nursery design that you are going for should complement the rest of the decoration. Whatever piece you choose, you can go for a schematic design, which will suit the overall look and feel of the house. This way, your nursery will not look out of place. Another thing that you can do to make the overall decoration connection is bringing in decoration pieces of the rest of the house, which you are no longer using to the nursery. However, don't make the nursery look too crowded, keep that in mind. 

Add a plant 


Another cost-effective thing that you can do is bringing in an indoor plant to the nursery. This way, there will be a proper flow of oxygen, and the room will be brighter as well. For a homely feeling nursery, plants are the best thing to go for.  

Keep everything neutral 


The nursery will not be in use for a long time, that's why you shouldn't spend a ton of money on it. Use blue or pink décor them, which will be good for boys and girls accordingly. Once they are all grown up, you will anyway have to change the room's look, that's why go for a décor that you can use even when the child is a little grown. You might also think of shifting the child to another room; in that case, you can use the nursery room as a workroom for yourself later. That's why rather than spending money on the room, again and again, keep it neutral, which will save you both money and time.  

Built-ins are great 


Those who don't want to spend a lot of money here's another great tip for you. Built-in furniture is the best. You will not have to spend extra money on the bookshelf, storage space, or even toy chest. Go for built-in storage, which you can use for multipurpose occasions. You can use the storage space to store your baby products, clothes, toys, and more.  

Decorative baby play mats 


The good thing about these decorative baby play mats is that they can be used as a normal mat too. The mats will have cute prints on them, making them an ideal decorative item for the baby room. Just ensure that the baby playmats are clean so that once your baby uses it, he/she feels secure and clean on it. 


Bring in a chair 


You will want the nursery to look as cosy as possible, so the best thing to add is a nice cosy chair. You can use this to relax while breastfeeding, or just to sit and watch the little one play. It doesn't matter what type of chair you use, just add one, and the nursery will look perfect. You can later use the same chair for other purposes as well.  


Natural materials 


Whenever you think of buying any decoration items for the nursery, it is ideal to go for products that are made of natural materials. Natural material products are affordable, and they look seriously chic. Nordic style wooden rabbit room decoration is a good example of a decorative piece that is made of natural products. They look nice, and they are safe or everyone as well.  

These are some simple tricks that you can use to make your nursery look good. Go through our catalogue to see which products suit you the best. There are so many items available for you, which will make your nursery glow with brightness. Choose Dinks to buy beautiful and cute decoration items for the nursery. 


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