5 Eggcellent super fun activities for Easter!


Download and print your activity sheet here 

With Easter being the next big event coming our way for the kids, we thought it would be handy to share a few of our favourite Easter activities, WE'VE enjoyed doing with our own children over the years.

From hunts to baking, we've got you covered! So sit back and relax, and get ready to make this Easter one they will remember for years to come!

This year, Easter Sunday falls on 17th April, so you still have plenty of time to get everything you need! And, (if you're anything like me and always end up eating the first batch of eggs) buy a second lot too!

Below is a range of Easter print - outs and our Top 5 Eggcellent Easter Activities!

The activities we have chosen are super fun and easy to achieve, so let's get started!


Download and print your activity sheet here 

1. Easter Baskets

These super cute Easter baskets couldn't be easier to make. Just use the print out template provided and follow the instructions.

All you will need is:

White card

Colouring pens or crayons


If you wanted to really pimp up your Easter baskets you can add some easter stickers, glitter, sequins or pom poms!


Download and print your activity sheet here 

2. Easter Crowns

All children love a crown! And these super simple but affective Easter crowns will make your child feel King and Queen of the party!

You will need:

A4 Coloured card or paper



Glue stick


Easter Stickers or Sequins

1.Fold the card or paper in half, long ways.

2. Cut along the fold

3. Line the two pieces together long ways and stick together

4. give your child the selection of collage materials, stickers , pom poms etc and let them get creative!

5. Measure the crown around your child's head and sellotape at the point the card over laps. Your Easter crown is ready for the party!


Download and print your activity sheet here 

3. Chocolate Easter Nests

It just wouldn't be Easter without a traditional chocci easter nest now would it! Such a fun and scrumptious activity to do with all ages.


You will need:

225g/8oz Plain chocolate

2 tbsp golden syrup

50g/2oz butter

75g/2 3/4 cornflakes

36 mini chocolate eggs


1.Place your chosen cake cases into a 12 holed cake tin (don't worry if you don't have one of these - it's merely to help keep the shape of the nests, works just as well without, and I don't know about you but I like a wonky nest - looks more realistic right!

2. Break the chocolate into small pieces, and place into a heat proof bowl. add the golden syrup, and butter.

3. set over a saucepan of gently simmering water. Stir the mixture until smooth.

(Now for the fun bit - grab the kids!!!)

4. Remove the bowl from the heat. (I usually place a tea towel round the base of the bowl as its slightly hot to the touch)

5. Stir in the corner flakes until all the cereal is covered in the chocolate, or until your little monkey has eaten enough of it lol!

6. Spoon the mixture into the cake cases - this bit is super messy and there's no way anyones going to be able to resist licking those chocci fingers!

7. Add your chocolate eggs to the top! We usually pop on 3 but as many as you like is perfect!

8. Chill in the fridge for about an hour or until completely set.

9. Enjoy eating your super yummy chocolate Easter nests yum yum!

 * Caution - chocolate mini eggs can be a choking hazard to small children *

Easter sprinkles look just as lovely on these nests, jelly beans or you can get your  creative bakers hat on and make some small fondant eggs!


Download and print your activity sheet here 

4. Easter egg hunt

Every child, no matter what their age, LOVES the thought of a chocci Easter egg treat! Let's face it, so do we!!! So heres a few ideas to get everyone in the family involved!

  • Toddlers will enjoy collecting any sort of easter related objects, you don't even need to use chocolate! Coloured eggs, card bunny markers, balloons or of course chocci eggs. Collecting objects is a popular schema among most toddlers and after working with the 0-5's age group over the last 22 years, I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as you explain the game, and they realise what they are looking for, they will quickly pick it up! (showing them an example of what they are looking for is helpful if this is their first hunt)
  •  For the 3-5's age group or if you have a few children playing the hunt and want to keep it fair, using reusable coloured plastic eggs are an absolute genius idea! I have been doing this successfully at my nursery AND with my own children at home with their friends since they were 3 and they love it! They are each given a colour and then know what eggs they need to look for and which ones they need to leave for someone else to find. This also helps tostop any arguments or "he/she got more than me!" scenarios :) When using fillable eggs, this also gives you a wider range of treats you can use. for example, you can put your child's favourite dried fruit or raisins inside the egg, or a little easter toy - it doesn't all have to be chocolate and sweets!
  • If it's older children and adults you're entertaining, go with a hunt that requires a bit more brain power, such as a scavenger hunt, clues or riddles. You can also choose a different type of reward that your older child may appreciate more than chocolate, such as a voucher, movie night, trip to their favourite place or special privileges such as a later bedtime, or a friend for tea.


Download and print your activity sheet here  

5. The good old Egg and Spoon race!

I remember doing the Egg and Spoon race at school on sports day, (many years ago now mind) and it was always such a laugh! This game is sure to get a giggle and not only is it lots of fun but it provides some key motor skills for your child's development, including eye-hand coordination, balancing and ability to follow instructions - so its a double win! 

You will need:

Eggs (hard boiled or plastic - if using plastic eggs you can skip to the rules)



Start line/finish line


1. Firstly you will need to hard boil your eggs. We recommend 8 minutes.

2. Once cool, (and if you want a cheeky extra activity for the day) you can decorate them with felt pens or even paints if you're feeling particularly creative!

3. Set out your route for the race. 

4. Explain to the children what is expected - the rules! It is often a good idea to show them by doing the route yourself!


Here are the rules I have used in the past. You can tweak the rules yourself to make them easier or more difficult depending on the ages of your children.


* Each player gets a spoon and an egg (hard boiled or plastic)

* At the start line each child must balance their egg on their spoon at wait for the signal to GO!

* They must walk or run the route of the course, weaving through cones and markers if you have them, without dropping their egg! If they drop their egg they must go back to the start! (Again, you can adapt this rule depending on the age of your child.

* First child to make it over the finish line without dropping their egg is the winner Yay!

Download and print your activity sheet here  

We hope these activities have sparked some creative easterness and that you have fun this Easter. If you do take part in any of our activities, please do tag or mention us, as we would LOVE to see!